The Large Black Pig is a hardy, docile and thrifty pig that produces lovely flavorsome meat excelling in ham and bacon.

They are suited to free range conditions and do not require farrowing crates or pens to farrow in – we rarely have a sow lie on a piglet and squash it. They will happily foster or share piglets.

They are the only pig in the world that can live on and finish in pasture however not many places in Australia would have enough nutritionally sound pasture – most would need to be supplemented with grain as well. Maybe some parts of Tasmania would be suitable for this. Large Black Pigs do not dig or root up the ground as much as the other breeds and are not hard on fences. One electric wire will keep them in once they are trained.

These gentle giants of the pig world to me are the ideal, no fuss pig.

We sell pedigree registered piglets for $350 each including GST  registration and transfers.

We also sell male castrated weaners (barrows) for rearing to eat for  $110 including GST

A deposit of $50 per pig is required for orders of pedigree pigs, payable when the litter is born

Pigs going Interstate require DPI testing and will cost an extra $55.00 per pig to cover veterinary expenses

Next Litters:

Mrs Mac due December 2015


Bloodlines include:



Busy Maid

Black Jack


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