Our farm operates a small Ayrshire Stud “Moonshine Ayrshires” and I am passionate about all breeds of dairy cattle. I rear dairy heifer calves for dairy farmers and also sell dairy heifers of all ages and breeds and the occasional house cow. I never tire of rearing calves, all obtained from local dairies. I am an active member of the Highfields Pioneer Village near Toowoomba and you will find me there every Australia Day and Easter milking my cows by hand and machine. It is a fantastic place to go, particularly at Easter when they have their 3 day Easter Vintage Festival.

I started with an Ayrshire cow “Beth” about 17 years ago and had her for 15 years before having to put her down 2 years ago due to the drought. I kept one of her daughters and a grand daughter. The Ayrshires are a hardy, long lived cow with great milking ability and long lactations. They are good doers.Their milk is lovely and great for cheese making.


Blue with last years Heifer Calf

Cows with Ploughs

Cows with Ploughs


Milking at the Highfields Pioneer


xmas with moonshine


Milking time


xmas with willow and chantelle