Tired Pig Winter Feed PrincessBlack Beauty Large Black Pig Stud,  Moonshine Ayrshires and Best of British Babydoll Southdown Sheep and Dorset Down Stud is located on the edge of the Glenlyon Dam, 67 km South West of Stanthorpe on the Darling Downs in Queensland.

It is a true “Old MacDonalds” Farm with Ayrshire and Jersey Dairy Cattle, Shorthorn Beef Cattle,  Babydoll Southdown Sheep and Dorset Down Sheep,  Large Black  Pigs, an assortment of Poultry including Chooks (Australorp Bantam, Large Anconas, Barnevalders and Araucanas,   Bantam Welsh Harlequin Ducks & Pigeons, 5 dogs (including 2 Maremma Dogs that guard the sheep from foxes during lambing time) and 2 indoor cats.  A small Hatchery (est 1989) is also operated with Egg Hatching Available to the public.

The farm is situated one the edge of the Glenlyon Dam.  The Country is gentle rolling Traprock Country with plenty of timbered sheltered areas.  This country is ideal for Babydoll Southdown Sheep and my Large Black Pigs thrive and live the ideal life always having shade in summer and shelter in the winter.  Pastures are mostly natural Blue Grass with clover coming through in the winter.  A 10 acre paddock will be used to grow oats for winter in future to finish Southdown Prime Lambs.  A Huge shed split into pens houses the pigs with gates going out into the paddocks so they can come and go as they please.  The property named “Tilba Tilba”(place of many waters) is also home to a large number of bird species and also Black Swans and waterflowl, the odd pelican.  Pikes creek feeds onto Glenlyon Dam from the property.  Fallow and other Deer, Wallabies, Kangaroos, possum and echidnas .  I have  bred my Large Black Pigs, Babydoll Southdown Sheep and Cattle since 1995.

My aim is to preserve rare breeds of animals that have fallen out of favour for one reason or another over the years. The cows, Large Black Pigs and Southdown Babydoll sheep are all hardy thrifty animals with excellent temperaments. The meat of the Large Black  Pigs, Southdown and Dorset Down sheep is second to none in flavour.The Shorthorn Beef equals the best beef you will find anywhere.

The main focus of the breeding on the farm at the present time is to produce quality well balanced Southdown Sheep of two types, the original Babydoll Southdown Sheep that are almost miniature in size compared to their modern counterparts, and a separate line of Southdown Prime Lambs for the high quality end of the lamb market.  I also hope to be able to sell these Southdown lambs direct to consumers in the future.

I welcome any feedback or suggestions you may have.

June 2016

It was a long time coming but winter has finally arrived.  Thanks to some wonderful friends on the other side of Glenlyon Dam I have a giant stack of seasoned ironbark firewood that should last me through winter.  They also helped muster the sheep on Sunday, after 30mm of rain last weekend it was time for the last worming until Spring.  Princess had a litter of Large Black Pigs on the 2nd of June, they are all lovely but there is one exceptional young boar in the litter, he will be flying up to Cairns in a few weeks time.  Who said Pigs can’t fly!!! The Babydoll Southdown Ewes are looking quite round now, they are due to start lambing from the end of July into August.  I am looking forward to the new arrivals, it is so heartwarming to see lambs skipping around on a frosty morning.  Well, that’s about all from me for now, stay safe and warm through winter.


Diamond and ClareSunsetApril Ewe