Gina 2017Tired Pig Winter Feed PrincessBlack Beauty Large Black Pig Stud,  Moonshine Ayrshires and Best of British Southdown Sheep Stud is located on the edge of the Glenlyon Dam, 67 km South West of Stanthorpe on the Darling Downs in Queensland.

It is a true “Old MacDonalds” Farm with  Shorthorn Beef Cattle,  Babydoll Southdown, original Southdown Sheep,   Large Black  Pigs, an assortment of Poultry including Chooks (Australorp Bantam, Large Anconas, Barnevalders and Araucanas.

The farm is situated one the edge of the Glenlyon Dam.  The Country is gentle rolling Traprock Country with plenty of timbered sheltered areas.  This country is ideal for Southdown Sheep and my Large Black Pigs thrive and live the ideal life always having shade in summer and shelter in the winter.  Pastures are mostly natural Blue Grass with clover coming through in the winter.  A 10 acre paddock will be used to grow oats for winter in future to finish Southdown Prime Lambs.  A Huge shed split into pens houses the pigs with gates going out into the paddocks so they can come and go as they please. The Large Black Pork and Bacon Growers range ad lib over most of the property.  The property named “Tilba Tilba”(place of many waters) is also home to a large number of bird species and also Black Swans and waterflowl, the odd pelican.  Pikes creek feeds onto Glenlyon Dam from the property.  Fallow and other Deer, Wallabies, Kangaroos, possum and echidnas are often seen. .  I have  bred my Large Black Pigs, Babydoll Southdown Sheep and Cattle since 1995.

My aim is to preserve rare breeds of animals that have fallen out of favour for one reason or another over the years. The cows, Large Black Pigs and Southdown sheep are all hardy thrifty animals with excellent temperaments. The meat of the Large Black  Pigs, Southdown sheep  is second to none in flavour.The Shorthorn Beef equals the best beef you will find anywhere.

The main focus of the breeding on the farm at the present time is to produce quality well balanced Southdown Sheep of the original  Southdown type. These sheep are almost miniature in size compared to their modern counterparts.  I  sell these Southdown lambs direct to consumers, they are processed at Carey Bros Yangan Abbattoir and cut up by Greg Patterson from Boss Meats at Stanthorpe.

Fresh Pork, Ham and Bacon are available for sale throughout the year.  The Hams and Bacon are traditionally smoked and Nitrate Free (there is natural nitrate in the smoking process but no nitrate is added).

Shorthorn Beef (Grassfed) will also be available in 2018.

I welcome any feedback or suggestions you may have.

2017 Reflections

January 2017 – Lyndon Frey, Morrie and Noleen Byrnes from the Aust Sheep Breeders Association classified my Southdown Sheep.  They were impressed with the quality of the sheep.

March 2017 – Sale of 2 Pigs to Jenny Wright from Rocky Hills Stud.

April 2017 – Took Display of Southdown Sheep, Large Black Pigs and Shorthorn Cattle to Highfields Pioneer Village for their Easter Vintage Festival

June 2017 – Brought an Old John Deere Tractor with a Bucket Loader.  Make life easier!

July 2017 – Fenced a new 10 acre lambing paddock – heavy duty chicken wire with electric top and bottom.  That oughta stop those dam foxes!

Arrival of the new boar from Wollondale Stud, he is of exceptional quality.  His first litters are due in January 2018.

August 2017 – Sheep Shearing with our Fantastic Shearer Aaron Mead

September 2017 – First Lambs of the season

October 2017 – Sold Southdown Wethers at Warwick Sheep sale, $145 each

November 2017 – 15.11.17 RIP Our old dog Joy, died at 17 years of age.  Sales of Pork, Ham and Bacon at Seasonal Feast Markets

December 2017 -Visit to Thomsons Maleny Milking Buffalo Farm, Eating our Own wonderful Ham for Christmas.

Thank you to all of my wonderful customers, you are, by buying my pigs, sheep or cattle – Live or as meat – YOU are helping secure the future of these wonderful breeds that are important for future generations.

May 2018 bring you good health, peace and prosperity.

Diamond and ClareSunsetApril Ewe